234 FAQS

What is a 234 group?
It is a small group of people who meet together on a regular basis for spiritual growth and practice. It is called a 234 group because the optimum size is two, three or four people.

Why a 234 group?
Group size determines dynamics. In other words, there are things you can do and say in a group of 20 that you can’t in a group of 120. Studies show that the smaller groups are the best size for spiritual growth and development.

What happens in a 234 group?
If you were part of the class, the Heart of the Follower, you already know the basics of the 234 group. You will experience much of the same dynamics on a smaller, more personal level. The 234 groups are discussion groups. Each meeting will consist of discussion around a particular scripture and everyday life. There will be times when you are challenged, changed, and encouraged. Each group will move at its own pace.
Click “here” (link to resources page) for ideas regarding the content for a 234 group.

When do 234 groups end?
We want to encourage you to be part of a 234 group for one year. However, you may be in a group that simply does not fit you. If that is the case, consider forming a new group. After a year, the group may want to remain together or perhaps each member would like to begin another group.

How do I begin a 234 group?
There are multiple ways to begin. The easiest way is to complete the Heart of the Follower course, grab a couple of friends, and begin meeting on a regular basis. The friends may be from your church circle, work circle or another.

Must I report to CUMC?
It would help us to know who is in your 234 group and who is leading it so that we may equip and encourage you. In addition, it helps us know who, within our church, is engaged in our discipleship pathway. It provides a tool for us to encourage those who are not yet part of a 234 group to join or continue in the discipleship pathway.

We encourage each 234 group to begin by studying the book Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden. This book lays the framework for continuing our discipleship pathway and encouraging us to help others join the process.

You can order the book through the links below or see if our Group Life Minister, Marcia Jacobs, has any available to purchase.

Paperback (about $13)

Kindle (about $8)

In addition to this study, it is important to encourage the development of 234 group participants by discussing our practice of spiritual habits, involvement in meaningful ministry, and participation in a worship experience. Also, commit to praying for each other and the concerns expressed, support one another when a participant is experiencing difficult, and finally, be willing to speak the truth in love.