Five Ways Wednesdays at Christ Can Bring Us Together


by Rev. Dr. Rob Couch

I hope all of you, in one way or another, got to experience the solar eclipse this week. Whether you enjoyed eclipse themed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, put on space-age sunglasses, or just watched from the comfort of your sofa, I hope you were awed by the unique experience of such a significant event. There was a time in our country when almost everyone would experience significant events together. Forty million Americans listened to the radio broadcast when Seabiscuit defeated War Admiral in a horse race in 1938. I recall when most of America gathered around their television sets as the Persian Gulf War erupted in 1990. It’s rare for us to all to experience the same thing together anymore. That’s part of why the solar eclipse of 2017 has been special. For a moment many, if not most of us were looking to the sky to see something incredible and rare. Being together is also sort of rare in our church. With five Sunday morning services, and so many different events for different age groups almost every day of the week. We are rarely together. In two weeks our church will have a chance to do something together as we launch Wednesday Nights at Christ. In preparation for this event I wanted to share five ways that Wednesday Nights at Christ can bring us together!

1. We get to Eat Together

The good news for everyone is that you don’t have to cook on Wednesday nights anymore! Our new Chef, Jonavin Murray, is busy dreaming up delicious meals to satisfy your taste buds. If you have kids, we’re thinking about them too. Each week there will be something offered with them in mind. It will be an incredible time for families to eat together! The best part is that you will have the opportunity to make new friends and deepen relationships with old friends! Gather around the table and pull up a chair, it’s going to be an amazing time of breaking bread together.

2. Kids are Going to Love It

Around 600 children packed our church this summer for our Ancient Heroes Bible School program, and they all had so much fun! We’re trying to bring a little bit of the magic of VBS to Wednesday Night this year. Ashley, Sam Taylor, Courtney (and more) are planning a VBS like experience EVERY Wednesday Night using the Maker Fun Factory program. Music, crafts, stories, and teaching will all come together to help kids learn they were created by God and build for a purpose.

3. Youth Will Come Together to Serve and Learn

Wednesday night youth has been a long time staple of our youth program. This year youth will get to explore their creative sides participating in one of our many teams. Technology, Drama, Dance, Worship, and Facilities Teams will all work to help the church be more effective in its mission. Students who would rather spend time talking about their faith and learning more about the Bible will also have a chance to participate in discussion groups. Mike, Leigh, Alissa (and more) are excited about all that is in store!

4. You Can Gather to Eat Late

One of the challenges over the years for many working people is that they just can’t get here in time for dinner. This year we will offer food before and AFTER the 6PM studies and programs. You can have a seat in the café and eat your meal with family and friends, or take it to-go. We hope the convenience of this option will enable more people to participate, without starving!

5. There is SO MUCH to Learn Together

Our church is blessed with so many outstanding teachers! The goal of the NINE classes for adults is to give you the tools to deepen your knowledge of God and your life in God. Need help with your marriage? We have something for you. Need to get those finances in order? We know someone that is going to help you turn things around. Want to know how to pray, read your Bible, fast, or some other spiritual habit? We have that too. Bible studies about the Jewish Jesus, Joseph, an overview of the Old Testament, the book of Hebrews, and more will help you dig deep into God’s Word. You can also learn more about God’s amazing love, or find healing for a loss you’ve experienced. Though our teachers have so much knowledge, some of the best learning comes from the fact we are learning together!

Experiencing life together makes all the difference. Acts 2:42 tells us that the apostles devoted themselves to the apostle’s teachings, the breaking of bread together, the fellowship, and the prayers. Most importantly, we’re told, they did everything TOGETHER. I can’t wait to be together with you on Wednesday Nights at Christ starting September 6th!