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Christ United Methodist Church welcomes the opportunity to make your wedding ceremony a beautiful and meaningful occasion. The sanctuary is available to members and friends in the community who wish to make this special event in their lives a service of worship. 

  1. Members of Christ United may use the sanctuary without charge. The sanctuary is available for set-up 4 hours prior the day of the wedding.

  2. A Wedding Director will be available to answer questions for families prior to weddings and will oversee all decorating activities. The fee for the Wedding Director is $ 200. This is required because the facilities must be opened, secured and supervised (If a bride desires an additional consultant, he/she must be approved by and work under the direction of the Christ United Wedding Director.) There is an additional fee of $150 for the Wedding Director if the reception is held on campus. The reception area is available for set-up 4 hours prior the day of the event only.

  3. The attached form and ALL fees must be returned to secure the date of your wedding. All weddings must be scheduled to begin no later than 6:00 p.m.

  4. Any damages to the facilities or furnishings during a wedding will be the responsibility of the bride or bride's family. Chancel furnishings and parlor furniture (altar, pulpits, chairs, tables) may NOT be moved. The finish of all furnishings must be protected. Transparent tape and/or ribbon may be used to secure decorations. Only mechanical candles are allowed. No flowers are allowed on the Communion Table. No photos or videotaping are allowed in the altar area during the service. have photographer sign statement that they will abide by this

  5. Birdseed throwing is NOT allowed inside the building. Rice is NOT allowed at all.

  6. Food and drink are NOT allowed in the sanctuary, parlor or Bride's room. allowed in attendants dressing areas

  7. Smoking is NOT permitted in the church buildings, and alcoholic beverages MAY NOT be served on the premises, including the parking lot. must be emphasized to bride & groom

  8. The fee of $100 for sound does not include any media services other than sound for the ceremony. Other media services may be available for an additional fee by advance request (not guaranteed).

  9. The Church Organist or Pianist is to be given the first opportunity to play for all weddings conducted in the church sanctuary for which an organist is desired for a fee of $200 (plus an additional $25 per soloist, for example if there are three (3) soloists the organist’s fee would be $275.) This is in addition to the soloist fee.

  10. A nursery is available for your wedding by advance request. CUMC will provide two qualified nursery workers who are current on our nursery policies and procedures. The fee is $50 for the first 90 minutes plus a $15 charge for each additional hour.

  11. Please complete the form below.

  12. Deliver all fees to secure your reservation to Sonya Carson to secure your reservation.

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