Non-Member Wedding (Away) Request Form

If you are not a member and having your wedding away from Christ United, but would still like for one of our pastors to perform the ceremony, please fill out the form below.

By filling out the form below you are agreeing that you have read and agree with our policies:

  1. 1We have been informed that we (prospective bride and groom) are required to schedule and meet with the minister for counseling at least two times prior to the wedding date.

  2. We are fully aware that the minister does not attend the wedding rehearsal.

  3. We have been informed of the minister’s fee of $250 for officiating at the wedding, and we have included the Pastors fee with this completed form.

  4. Pre-marital classes are $125. This amount should be included with the completed form. Contact Brenda Davis at 251.422.6210 for additional information or by email.

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