God is Faithful

A couple of years have passed since I first heard my spouse tell me that she no longer loved me. Words cannot describe the pain that I felt in that moment.  Something inside of me died.  That announcement lead me through some incredible struggles.

I can remember praying through the 23rd Psalm, "Lord, You are my shepherd  I shall not want." But I stopped my prayer at that moment and cried out,"But I do want!  I want my family!  I want to be loved!"  

God amazingly provided for me. He surrounded me with an incredible group of friends. He lead to a counselor who was able to walk me through the pain.  He provided His healing presence.  

Ultimately, I did end up going through a divorce; however my relationship with my children has never been stronger.  And now this Valentine's day I know that I am loved.  I am loved by God not because of anything.  I just am loved!  And God has brought a wonderful lady into my life. I know that I am loved by her.  

God is faithful.  He answered my prayers.

- Anonymous