Finding a Home

As many of you may know, Courtney Coxe and I are getting married this May! One of the big things we talked about was where we are going to live after we get married. I've been renting a house in Midtown for about a year and a half now with a lease that ends in August—a few months after the wedding date. Early on, Courtney and I decided that we wanted to start fresh and both move into a rental property that was neither mine nor hers. In mid-January, I worked out a deal with my landlord that he would advertise the house in Midtown for rent and, upon him finding a new tenant, I would be released from the current lease terms. Within one week, he found a new tenant! It was a huge blessing! Courtney and I started scrambling, looking for rental properties in West Mobile. We didn't think that anyone else would have been interested and we'd be stuck in the house through August—much less renting out within a week! Experience #1 of God working in our everyday lives!

In our searching, Courtney and I nailed down three potential properties that met all of our criteria: a patio home further west than we were hoping, an older townhome with a few more steps than we would have liked and a newer home that was a little over our intended budget. Due to the congested traffic, we knocked out the patio home. We toured the townhouse and saw that it was great, but needed new carpet and paint, which would up the rent. Nonetheless, the townhouse was already poised as our choice. Just after the ice melted from the Polar Vortex of 2014 I set up a visit to take a look at the newer house that was a little expensive. A few hours before we were supposed to tour it, I found out that someone had toured the house and immediately put down a deposit. It was a bummer, but a clear sign that we should go with the townhome. We put down a deposit and got the promise of new carpet and paint! Experience #2 that God was directing our path towards the townhouse! (Or so we thought...)

The next day at church, we were talking about how excited we were to have found a place when some friends at church said they had a home that wasn't on the market, but they wanted someone they knew and trusted to rent it from them personally. They offered us the keys to see it after lunch and I remember driving to the property hoping—and even praying—that it would not be anything special and that we wouldn't be interested. We had the townhome and I didn't want anything to compete with it! Boy, was I wrong! The house was exactly what we had been looking for—a thousand times better than the townhome and certainly more than we thought we could ever have. The new house has all of the qualities that we were searching for and is priced perfectly in our budget, even though it could probably rent for much more! This truly was an example of God putting people and relationships in our lives to share in the fellowship that brings Him glory. To cap it all off, the property manager of the townhouse was willing to give back the deposit that we had made previously. God's grace was all over the entire situation! Thank you Lord! Experience #3 of God in our everyday lives!

- JD Foote