Blessing Others

I went to Atlanta, GA with my daughter, granddaughter and a few of her friends so they could go to a concert. While they were at the concert, my daughter and I went to eat at an upscale cafe. We were sitting outside, near the sidewalk, watching as people walked by. A homeless couple stopped and said they didn't want any money but that they were hungry. I invited them to join us for dinner and they sat down. The server hesitated but then brought them a menu. I felt stares from the people sitting around us but continued to talk with them. They only wanted food to go so as we waited, we talked about their situation and I was blessed by their company. When they brought their food, we said our goodbyes and I asked for my ticket. The server told me it had been paid! I was so surprised and asked who paid. She told me another table had paid our check because we had blessed our table and they wanted to bless us. God is so amazing.

- Renee Thompson