Each year, the children and faculty of Dixon Elementary School in Irvington are blessed by Christ United contributions to their school supplies. Many of students come from homes that simply can’t afford to purchase the needed school supplies. Our contributions truly fill an important gap. Help us fill the gap this year! Drop by one of the school supplies displays near the Sanctuary and the Recreation area and pick up a card with a list! 

 Dates to remember:

1. Pick up or download a card or two with a supply list between July 14 - 28.

2. Write a prayer or a word of encouragement on the back of the card.

3. Bring your supplies Sunday, July 28 to the altar and join us as we pray for the teachers and students.

4. Last day to drop off supplies is Monday, July 29.

5. Volunteers will pack and organized supplies on Tuesday, July 30.

6. School supplies will be delivered to Dixon Elementary on Wednesday, July 31

 We need volunteers to help organize and pack supplies on Tuesday, July 30. 
Contact Susan McRae at 251.751.1775 or 
1susanmcrae@gmail.com if you can help.


Download a grade of your choice and select a list from the PDF to fill. Be sure to include a print out of the card/list and write a prayer or a few words of encouragement on the back of the print out.