Giving to the church is both a practical necessity for the church and a spiritual need for each of us. For the church to fulfill its purpose, there are practical needs to meet. We hold services, offer a great variety of ministries, purchase supplies and equipment, maintain buildings, pay staff, give to the poor, etc. The tithes and offerings of our donors support the mission and ministry of the church.

Perhaps even more importantly, giving to the church fulfills a spiritual need for each of us to obey God’s call to give to His work. It allows us to recognize and celebrate the fact that we are richly blessed and desire to give back to Him with thankful hearts. It keeps our hearts directed toward Him as our hearts follow our treasure (Luke 12:34, Matthew 6:21).

As part of our FORWARD initiative, we are asked to take a step up the Giving Ladder to fulfill both our own spiritual needs and the practical needs of the church. It is our hope that our Online Giving program will help more people accomplish that goal.

ONE CAUTIONARY NOTE: We strongly discourage anyone from going into debt to support the church. If you feel called to give more and don’t have the money in your budget, examine ways to earn additional money or reduce your expenses. And if you have difficulty with credit card discipline, stick with debit card or ACH bank draft.
Finally, keeping your information and contribution secure and confidential is one of our top priorities. See our Privacy and Refund Policy page to learn more about how we provide data security.