Here at Christ United, we believe real life transformation happens best in the context of relationships. Our Life Groups will provide the perfect way to deepen your relationship with God, find a sense of belonging, and be empowered to put your faith into action. 

What is a Life Group?

Each group will consist of 6 - 12 individuals. The groups may have couples, women, men, older adults, young adults, singles or mixed ages and will meet at various times and locations throughout each week to help each other become more like Christ. 

The goal of a Life Group is to promote healthy relationships and establish meaningful conversations between believers, while enabling members to grow and be equipped for ministry. 

What to expect in a Life Group? 

  • Gather each week to share how 

  • God is working in your life

  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions on sermon series 

  • Serve alongside each other in our community

Life Group Mission

The mission of the Christ United Life Groups to make disciples who love God, love people, and change the world through service, devotion to God’s word and consistent community.

“…community is created when people join together to support one another on their journeys, and when the journey itself is the focus of the community, not a book about the journey.”
— Dr. Kevin Watson